Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 2010

The last few weeks have been exhausting and exciting. Nana left last week, and Abba and Ema have been very busy and TIRED during Seattle's annual heat wave. Ella is starting to show us her personality: stubborn but sweet, strong and serious. She doesn't stand for "tummy time" and has flips over from her tummy to her back as soon as we put her face down on her play mat. Avi is a great big brother and he loves to kiss his baby sister whenever he sees her and bring her toys and tell her stories. Unfortunately, he also wants to be babied himself these days, and asks us to swaddle him and cuddle in the middle of night, after over a year of sleeping through the night without a problem. C'est la vie!

Avi shows Pop-Pop Richmond Beach

One month old!

Avi and his Baby Sister

5 weeks old

Doing Pushups on Abba's chest, 6 weeks old

July 2010

Life with two kids is a little crazier than I could have envisioned, and I have neglected the blog. Here are some key photos from Ella's first month, including visits from Nana, Pop-Pop, Savta, Saba, and Aunt Daya. Enjoy!!

Family photo opp at the Simchat Bat for Ella Eve

Saba gives Ella her name at the Simchat Bat

With Nana and Pop-Pop

Savta's Birthday in Seattle

3 weeks old, with Saba and Savta

2 Weeks old, snuggling with Ema

One week old, with Aunt Daya