Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekend at Lake Chelan, August 2009

Last weekend we drove to Lake Chelan to visit Grandpa Arthur and Grandma Terri. Along the way, we stopped in Levenworth, the Bavarian Village. Avi had lots of fun playing with Puka the dog, swimming (and splashing) in the pool, and eating countless nectarines and peaches fresh from the orchards below the house.

August 2009: 17 Months

This August we traded Saba and Savta for Doda Shoshana and Aunt Goldie, who came to visit for a half-rainy, half-gorgeous 10 days in Seattle. Avi learned to scream while playing leggos with "Shooooshi!", play the piano with "Ah Gogie", and do all kinds of cute show-offy things for their visit. A few days later, Aunt Ruth (or "Ah Rufie"), Miriam and Rachel Wasser came for a brief but very fun overnight stay in the Emerald City. Avi has loved all of the attention, and won't know what to do with himself when he only has 2 adoring parents and one Aunt to dote on him in September. Good thing we're going back east in October!