Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 2009: 14 Months

Spring has finally sprung here in the great Northwest (at least on most days), and life is a lot busier now that Avi is down to one long mid-day nap. Our mornings and late afternoons are now open for adventure, and we are taking advantage of all that the Seattle area has to offer for families. We take Avi to our local playground next to the Richmond Beach Library, with unbelievable views of mountains and the Puget Sound, we are enrolled in two classes--one called the Fun Factory in Edmonds, where Avi gets to play, sing songs, and do art projects with 15 other kids his age, and also a Hebrew Immersion Playgroup at a shul in Queen Anne--we've gone to Funtasia, an indoor amusement park, and the Children's Museum in Everett, as well as the Woodland Park Zoo and the local beach, which we can walk to from our house. We plan to have lots of fun this summer going to beaches, taking ferry rides, and enjoying the gorgeous views.

As a 14 month old, Avi continues to astound us with his rapidly expanding vocabulary. We have stopped keeping track of his words, because every day he adds three or four new words or phrases, and he basically repeats everything we say. His first sentences include "Bye, Bye, see ya soon!", "Come on!" and "Get down!", which he says to the cat at every opportunity. He also loves to play with Ema's "loofa", which he totes around the house, and he thinks it's hysterical to hide under blankets and in the pillows we used to create a little "fort" for him between our sofas. It's just amazing to see him absorb the world like a little sponge. Yesterday he started filling in the blanks when I read him Goodnight moon, saying "mush" and "hush" (in a whisper, no less), at just the right time in the story. He's a genius. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

At the playground, with stunning views.
One day, Avi was so happy to see Abba coming home from work that he climbed inside the window to get to him. Abba let him steer the car in the driveway for about 30 seconds, till Ema snatched him away.

Floating in the pool of balls at Funtasia.

Driving the tractor at the Children's Museum

Playing "waiter", also at the Children's Museum in Everett.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April on the East Coast

We spent most of April "Back East," as they say out here on the West Coast. Avi's second Pesach was a fun-filled gathering of grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. He and cousin Daniel got to spend lots of time eating matzah crackers together and playing under the tables during seder, and Avi enjoyed all the attention from his adoring fans. Next year in Wayne (or Jerusalem, which wouldn't be a bad place to spend the holiday either!). Here are some highlights of our time in NJ and PA.