Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Passover Trip to the East Coast: March-April 2010

We just got back to Seattle after a long and eventful visit to New Jersey, Philadelphia and Steelton. We got to meet our new baby cousin, Noah, and do belly introductions between our baby-girl-to-be and Debra and Jason's baby-boy-to-be, and watch Avi and his cousin Daniel really play and interact together, which was a blast. Avi enjoyed digging for worms with Doda Shosh (video coming soon), getting balloon animals from Aunt Goldie, golfing with Saba, going for walks with Savta, watching the street sweeper with Pop-Pop, and playing in the sand with Nana. He also got to play in NYC with his friends Matan and Caleb, checking out the new playground in Union Square park, and to go to the "dinosaur museum" (a.k.a. Museum of Natural History) and ride on the "awesome" subway. Of course the highlight of the trip was the annual family Passover seder with an impressive 27 guests. Avi was too excited by all the guests arriving during the day to nap, so he ended up going to sleep just before the actual seder, and slept through his chance to sing the first of the four questions in front of the whole gang, but he did do it the next morning at Fried Matza Brunch time. He loved matza and cream cheese and ate it almost every day for breakfast, as well as the k-for-p Cheerios and Savta's matza ball soup. All in all, it was a wonderful time, despite the challenging airplane rides (Avi does not want to sleep on airplanes--ever!), and we're excited to see the grandparents and aunts again this summer when Baby Sister arrives.